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The AutoSHARP by The Edge is an ingenious knife sharpener equipped with a system that automatically adjusts the sharpening angle to the blade model. It is easy to use, safe, handy and stable – perfect for sharpening all kinds of kitchen knives, as well as EDC knives, survival knives, folding knives and multitools.

The sharpener is equipped with two tungsten carbide abrasive plates, mounted on movable spring-loaded plates. This provides them with the ability to set themselves at an angle of 15° to 45° degrees depending on the type of blade you are running through them. Proper selection of the sharpening angle is crucial to keeping the knife sharp, and many non-enthusiast users simply don’t know the proper angle for their tools – so automating this process will be a big help.

Robust plastic housing has in addition to the sharpening slot two side handles, allow for a safe and secure grip, while large non-slip feet prevent it from sliding during sharpening.


  • Automatically adjusting sharpening angle between 15° and 45° degrees
  • Long-lasting and high performance tungsten carbide abrasive inserts
  • Capable of sharpening both smooth and serrated blades
  • Allows you to smooth out a damaged edge and bring it back to sharpness
  • Lightweight, handy plastic housing
  • Anti-slip feet

Technical specifications:

  • Abrasive Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Material of case: Plastic + silicone
  • Size: 95 x 55 x 93 mm
  • Weight: 76 g
  • Color: Gray


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