Lansky BowSharp™ Tool & Sharpener

Lansky BowSharp™ Tool & Sharpener


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This multifunctional and easy to use tool was designed with the serious compound and crossbow enthusiast in mind. The BowSharp™ features five different essential tools for archers, all combined in one easy to use and portable package.

The Tungsten Carbide sharpening element plays double duty and is specifically designed to be able to sharpen knives as well as your broadheads. By extending the sharpening element to the outside of the handle we have given bow hunters the ability to sharpen broadheads safely, with greater accuracy and superior results. The integrated broadhead wrench allows quick work of changing and maintaining broadheads.

Arguably the best feature of the BowSharp™ is the collapsible tool kit integrated into the handle. Designed with the input of seasoned bow hunters, the collapsible tool kit features a full set of eight Allen Wrenches ranging from 5/64 to 7/32 as well as both a Flat Head and Philips head screwdriver. These five essential bow maintenance tools make quick and easy work of any adjustment to a bow at camp or in the field. The body of the sharpener features a rubber grip to make it safe and easy to use in wet or dry conditions. Combining all these features lets the BowSharp™ stand alone in functionality, ease of use and results.

Any serious archer that wants to improve their kit and reduce the amount of equipment they carry into the woods will find that the BowSharp™ will exceed their expectations.

Sharpen Knives

Place the knife on a flat surface, cutting edge up with 1/2 inch hanging over the edge of the flat surface. Hold your blade steady with one hand and use the other to pull the BowSharp™ along the edge towards the tip of the blade, following the curve. Repeat 3 to 4 time to produce a razor sharp edge. Clean knife thoroughly.

Sharpen Broadheads

The Tungsten Carbide element of the BowSharp™ sharpens in just 3 or 4 strokes. The Carbide element is also perfect for quick field repairs to your hunting knife.

Adjustments to Bow/Crossbow

The versatility of the BowSharp™ make it quick and easy to adjust your bow at camp or in the field. The collapsible tool kit features a full set of eight allen wrenches ranging from 5/64 to 7/32 as well as a Flathead and Phillips screwdriver.

Tighten or Remove Broadheads

The BowSharp™ features an intergrated wrench that can be used to safely tighten or remove 2, 3, 4, 5 blade broadheads without injury.

Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest!


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